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Writing—Or Not

April 25, 2012 2 comments

Does writing come easily for you, or do you have to force yourself to do it? I tend to lean toward the latter extreme. It’s one of those things I almost always enjoy once I do it, but have a lot of trouble motivating myself to do. Read more…

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Hello, world!

November 15, 2011 2 comments

Welcome to another depression blog. I hope to keep this interesting, upbeat and thoughtful, with a minimum of venting and whining. If you follow this blog, you’ll read about what depression makes me think and feel, because articulating my thoughts and feelings helps me become more mindful (conscious and objective) about them, which usually makes them more bearable. Perhaps you will recognize some of your own experiences here.

You’ll also read about what has helped me get through bouts of depression and stay healthy. I’m a thinker and a big reader, so I may mention books from time to time.

This won’t be a high-volume blog. I write about depression more often when I’m feeling depressed (as long as I’m not too depressed to get out of bed). That means, unfortunately, that once I get over the novelty of having a new blog, if I post a new piece, I’m probably either having a bad day or getting over one. It also means, fortunately, that I’m alive and out of bed (and probably dressed).

I may be playing with themes and colour schemes for a while, so please bear with me.

Comments are welcome. If something you read here inspires you to share your own thoughts, please do so.

Be good to each other.


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